all the ones with cats on them (as well as anything tremendously japanese — this is a korean household!) have been shot down. i am now just looking at fabric 😅 seems not too hard to make

i can’t believe my gf wants me to find not one but TWO non-erotic noren (those vertical curtains that go on doorways, common apparently only in japan)

stink movie, babadooks, sic eye roll, and colombo bday. preserved in paid storage. truly an important and meaningful archive from one of the greatest living minds

my 538 test takeaway from seein them all day: we need to update how we test for conscientiousness bc y’all are scoring way lower than you should. is it defining it as “law abidingness”?

i love 1password and typically have zero beeves with their product but i just let it auto update on my old mac and now it won’t open anymore because my system doesn’t meet the requirements 😂 why did you even prompt me to install the update then you silly jokers!

unfunny MEMEs gosh i can’t even self deprecate properly today

really glad that from 2014-2016 i synced a bunch of unfunny into iphoto/photos. that was a great decision that in no way shitted up my library

lmao watching plex chew through old media folders is making me realize how many things i watch just to have something to talk about with coworkers and stuff... i have so many episodes of ‘downtown crabby’ on here and i don’t even remember even liking it

guess the plan of replacing osx with some flavor of linux on this machine is going to happen sooner rather than later. basically just going to be a local media server. fun times ahead 🤞🏻

finally got a desk, so i’m back on my imac trying to update stuff..... its age is really starting to show 😩 first time the latest OSX has declined to support this hardware 🙄

it’s a 2010, so i guess 9 years is pretty good. especially considering i am the owner 😈

the truth is that there is almost never a legitimate reason to undertake a rebrand with a company this young, unless you have accidentally picked a mark that already exists and are being sued.

after a company rebrands, all the teams dealing with their digital and print materials need to replace the old logo (and sometimes colors and fonts) everywhere instead of doing what they’d like to be doing: creative work of their own, or technical housekeeping (e.g. perhaps i wanted to spent the week working on page load speed. now i’m replacing logos and QAing that instead).

then the company has to gather up all its “swag” and throw it away because it has the old logo.

omg at the shoddy work pentagram did for slack’s rebrand

my initial response is to laugh at this stuff, but having seen how much rebrands cost — even narrowing to just ‘logo mark design exploration’ — it makes me feel a little sick. it is not unusual for agencies to charge companies upwards of $100k. even a very conservative CMO would spend $50k. that’s more than most people make in a whole year.

watching the prison break riverdale episode to inspire me to “break” out of the “prison” of my “medication-resistant depression”

also open to germinating other stuff people want, now that i have a setup that can do that reliably with sensitive babies who wont grace us with their presence in sub-70 degree air 😅

folks — i will have some container-friendly, bush-style tomato plant seedlings ready in a few weeks. does anybody want one? you’ll need: warm indoor spot with sun, dirt, big ol’ bucket (18" diameter and 18" high minimum recommended)

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nothing like a tiny earthquake on top of rain/wind lashing the windows to put a real “end times” spin on the morning

My mother uses voice to text to send text messages but never edits them

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