Math is only cool when cool people math.

Overwhelmingly math is bastards.

@moiety is it something about the text in the image ? i totally didn’t realize but will cw or hide images of text in the future if that’s preferable, just lmk? 🖤

@alana oh no it’s totally fine. The logic in the text just doesn’t make any sense to me 🙈😂

@moiety i had to read it a couple of times tbh, at one point it was like white noise entering mine eyeballs

@alana but like it’s not valid? I suppose you can read it like that. But it depends on context I suppose?

Unless the person saying the text was speaking about themselves in the third person this doesn’t make any sense.

@chead same dude we are like tweedledee and tweedledum playing with an abacus and i love it

If you like that, try this:

Imagine having a set of all the things that exist of a given type, such as:
"the set of all the shirts in the world",
"the set of all shoes",
"the set of all left shoes",
"the set of all clothing items",
"the set of all possible addition problems",
"the set of all abstract concepts"...
even "the set of all sets".

Now, think about "the set of all sets that do not contain themselves".
Does it contain itself?

@alana i tried to figure out the proof without looking but almost-two-in-the-morning-brain didn't like it. the explanation there is great though.

brb getting "Therefore, I am my own baby" tattoed on my ass

@alana God I love logic math. I wish I learned more of that in primary school and didn't have to go to community college to learn more. :(

Not math, but philosophy. This pardox known as Russell's pardox by the name of the British philosophy.
By the reason of this pardox (usage of words any or all In theorem proofs) most of the proofs In math was rewiewd In the begin of XX century. Such a funy joke.

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