has anyone read jaron lanier’s 10 arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now?

social media ‘makes the news terrifying’, which would be one of the most compelling reasons for me, personally

adding a note that i’ve read lanier’s _you are not a gadget_ when it came out years ago and liked it quite a bit. but i don’t know anything about his personal politics / am not “”endorsing””

@alana You have the ultimate agency in selecting the information that informs you. Decelerating your personal exposure doesn't fix anything; the only way to better manage the challenges this presents, now that it's our medium.

@alana More filters, more selective following — repurposing it away from a universal utility

@matilde @alana Sorry to be spoiling the party to be clear I never been on Twitter but I have been on FB forever and tried so many times to curate my experience on there but the structure of FB wouldn't allow me to. It's algorithm which influences your timeline a lot is sabotaging this. I've started a whole new account, followed only my very close friends and once I unfollowed them all, you know what FB did, it shut my whole timeline down. It was empty. That's how I knew for sure that I was being sabotaged and it don't matter how many times you tell FB you like or dislike something, it will show you whatever it wants.

That why I love the chronological timeline on Masto so much, FINALLY I can curate my experience. Finally I'm the one holding the power again.

@Dwinkeltje @alana well i mean that's what i'm talking about. building our own infrastructure.

@matilde @alana My point being on here we can on the mainstream sites we can't, they won't allow us to.

Even if you try really, really hard.

@matilde @alana I'm sorry if I overlooked your intention, just think it's a important distinction to make. Masto is social media too IMO.

@Dwinkeltje totally - lanier uses the generic term “social media” but he must mean the popular corporate social media networks, otherwise his arguments are quite weak

@Dwinkeltje and, no apology needed (: distinctions are useful and important

@Dwinkeltje @matilde strongly agreed, facebook product team ONLY cares about engagement metrics. they do not care what you see or what you think of what you see, they only care how many (preferable: amplifying) things you do with it. with that goal, and an emphasis on “data-driven decision-making” instead of the passé “user satisfaction” (blah blah NPS score blah) they will always optimize toward outrage

@alana @Dwinkeltje i agree. technocapital is not the only possible framework for social organsation on the Internet, and we are making alternatives as we speak, right here right now, and we are seeing the consequences on a very personal, psychological and social psychological level

@alana @Dwinkeltje we are deprogramming ourselves as we see how we have become programmed on a day to day level, undoing it in social codification and quantification, undoing it in each message, the reflexive ways we braced ourselves for its formulation, a terrible, ill-fitting solution for the utilities we needed

@matilde @alana Personally, and I do mean only speaking about my own experience. I did not get deep into that mentality. I think therefor my use of FB stood out in a bad way to others. "Their posting all that, I don't want that *delete person from life*" While without that wall irl people (seem to be) more accepting of my eccentricity.

@matilde my therapist refers to this as “distress tolerance,” in the language of dialectical behavioral therapy... an important skill to cultivate. i find it hard to achieve without desensitizing myself “too much”. there’s a balance, there, though. even if it’s a knife’s edge. i have to find it

@alana I mean, if you associate social media with distress, it's a matter of making its outputs present less distressing information, and then in turn conditioning yourself away from associating it with distress and stress in general. Social media doesn't have to be a stress valve for the news

@matilde absolutely agreed. 10 years of twitter and facebook have primed me for “social media = distress,” but assuming more agency and intentionality(?) can rewrite that

@alana Yeah, idk, I see it as public square, right? A community of people sitting at tables in discussion. And before we had agents on the borders of the community pushing us with the least nuanced, most hyperbolic exaggerations of political ideologies at opposite corners, because the longer we stayed the better they did. So community became synonymous with this mosh pit of brutality, a global anxiety, a malaised group consciousness. We are building the community by making this new infrastructure.

@matilde how do you reconcile the need to filter with the argument that filtering is an act of privilege / “hiding” from “the problems”? i am trying to engage in offline acts so that i can free myself from this dynamic i observed a lot among my friend group:

@matilde a crisis/injustice occurs. the first person to share a link or write a post about it gets the most “points.” the link is re-shared among their progressive friends. then comes the inevitable shaming post, usually worded like, “why aren’t we talking about ___?” goading people to participate, or be labeled [racist, sexist, transphobic, classist, bootlicker, whatever]. i always felt this intense pressure to Prove by sharing information. i want to instead Prove by showing up irl.


@alana Outrage is not praxis, it's performance. Filtering is a matter of focusing on what is relevant to you and within your agency to act upon; calling upon all human subjects to burden the weight of the world's injustice is a way to break people into compliance within a subculture structure, an ideological hierarchy privileging a few people in power, dispersing information. It has nothing to do with justice or privilege, just in-group dynamics.

@matilde so many folks i know are STUCK in the performance.. it’s the treadmill we know vs the unknown, i suppose.

@matilde i am chewing on your point that we can take control over our experience of social media without being disengaged from the problems of the world. i feel like, once i internalize this idea more, i will be able to help my friends/fam who are stuck

@alana i believe in showing up, i believe in putting up. i believe that requires a sense of locality and realistic agency and realising that our morality has been weaponised to paralyse us into inaction and infighting. i believe in building a future based on respecting difference, in individual group empowerments, in the myriad growth of all, and i believe that occurs outside of a negative spiral inflicted internally

@alana @matilde That's why I stopped using Twitter, it turned every bad thing in the news into an immediate, personal thing and I couldn't deal with that. Like, I know Trump is terrible and my Americhums are in a bad position and may need extra support. I don't need several dozen takes on every thing he or a member of his administration says or does. All that does is make me anxious about something I can do nothing about.

@alana Is there a tldr list of the 10 reasons somewhere?

1. You are losing your free will
2. Quitting social media is the most finely targeted way to resist the insanity of our times
3. Social media is making you into an asshole
4. Social media is undermining truth
5. Social media is making what you say meaningless
6. Social media is destroying your capacity for empathy
7. Social media is making you unhappy
8. Social media doesn’t want you to have economic dignity
9. Social media is making politics impossible
10. Social media hates your soul

@alana @jrc03c

I wonder if this applies to all 'social media' or just the corporate/centralised ones.

Because I personally have found, for a lot of these points, the opposite is true of mastodon etc.

@UnclearFuture @jrc03c i think it must be intended for the twitter/facebook/corporate social media members.. my pre-corporate-networks social media experiences aren’t relevant to his arguments, really, aside from maybe being more of an asshole (sometimes) (;

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