let’s befriend all the maintenance people who seem capable of singlehandedly taking down giant banks by kicking a power strip out of a wall or burning a piece of toast


bay area tech leftism is: posting about the revolution while being socially anxious and ignoring the person restocking snacks or fixing the elevator so i am 0% surprised we don’t have solidarity and aren’t getting big things done

including myself in this critique btw

@alana Part of this is rent related: The folks stocking the snack machines, fixing the elevators, and the teachers and the nurses — none of them can afford to live in SF or increasingly in Oakland or in much of silicon valley. So they’re increasingly treated as outsiders because they are literally visitors.

San Francisco is not a functioning city. It’s a theme park that looks like a city if you don’t look too hard.

@alana Friends of mine who used to live in SF now live in Pittsburg at the end of the BART line.

What happens when folks can’t even afford to live there anymore? Does SF simply disintegrate — a million tech bros unable to perform activities of daily living such as making food and cleaning themselves die of starvation?

@tibius @alana more and more, this city feels like a bizarre hellscape decorated entirely by pseudo-upscale restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

The run-down aesthetic of the city has practically been incorporated into the stylings of those very places to make them seem vintage and historic, even charming.

The rent here is outrageous, and even the cushy tech jobs are somewhat soul-crushing. Many social interactions feel performative, and the line between co-worker and friend are blurred in utterly horrible ways.

No one seems to actually own anything, other than the clothes on their back.

@alana @sean @tibius are you familiar with the Tech Workers Coalition? Got its start in the Bay Area and is doing some good work.

@testingwithfire @sean @tibius techworkerscoalition.org/ concerns me because im
seeing google, facebook, twitter, slack, and medium used for info-spreading and organizing... so, there is a clear limit to how much ruckus will be raised 😅 but still good to be aware of!

@alana @tibius @testingwithfire maybe we can join their ranks and convince them to join fedi, and start using Matrix or something.

@alana @testingwithfire @sean This is like James Bond using a Russian shoe-phone isn’t it?

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@alana @sean @tibius the corporate media organizing is a really common problem on the left and no one wants to move away from it. It really bothers me, too.

@alana @testingwithfire @sean @tibius ...how is no one running a masto instance for that tbh, raises questions even beyond that being based in SF makes me simultaneously respect their motivation and certain they won’t accomplish sweet FA

@alana @testingwithfire @sean @tibius (not to be calling out SF people but...i mean kinda to be doing that, yeah

gotta get out of that discomfort zone)

@alexis @testingwithfire @sean @tibius tbh it seems to me like it’s lost some steam and could use an injection of energy to make a few tweaks that’d help them be more effective. at least, that’s me being optimistic! being pessimistic i would say everyone working on it might be employed by a big 5 tech company / homogenous perspective / “activism-washing”

@alana @alexis @sean @tibius I think part of it is "we need numbers and Facebook / Twitter are the way to get them." Plus old habits die hard till the local kops show up on your doorstep because they tracked you down on a group list on FB.

@alana @testingwithfire @sean @tibius it does seem awfully reminiscent of techsolidarity.org and that seems to be where all the energy is.

tbh i do not like maciej even a little bit, but i respect his ability to bring 100% to whatever he does, and gather & inspire others to do the same.

(also sf based and same caveats apply, but if you want to bring energy, i might bring it here first.)

@tibius it absolutely has that college campus feel sometimes, in all the worst ways and none of the potentially nice ones ):

@alana Pretty much. And there are infrastructure effects there. Teachers and nurses don’t stick around because they can’t afford to. Schools and hospitals are not communities in SF. They’re businesses staffed by temps.

Cops too.

It doesn’t take a city planner to see how this is not good.

@tibius @alana

And when there is social division and mistrust contract workers aren't trusted with full details of building services for fear of sabotage - which makes them *more* likely to accidentally plug in a strong cleaning or heating appliance into the wrong circuit and open a circuit breaker (and I suspect half the wiring in those flashy SV buildings isn't even compliant with building code anyway)

@vfrmedia @tibius the buildings are made entirely of buzzwords, inflated titles, and cheap sheetrock

@alana @vfrmedia Indeed. I lived in one of the yuppie ghettos for a month. Those places are built for 22 year olds with six digit salaries and no clue.

@alana @vfrmedia The Dogpatch and the Marina are literally built on garbage which will sink into the bay the moment the big earthquake starts and techbros are like yeah cool I will pay $5000 per month just to sleep here.

@tibius @alana

it looks like trying to gentrify Felixstowe, England, which thankfully no one dares try (the bulk of suitable space is taken up by the port, which is at least valuable and useful).

They've tried it here in Ipswich (slightly further inland), a failure as the port is active here too and noisy bulk cargo operations happen 24/7 (on top of Weather, and the obvious risk of flooding)

@vfrmedia @alana Depends on what failure means. If it’s a handout to construction companies it was perhaps a rousing success!

@tibius @alana

the construction companies involved actually went bankrupt and there are about 3 crumbling empty buildings by the dockside and one newish half built one.

One of them might be turned into an automated car park but thats still a "planned project" (don't forget Brexit is going to make all the materials way more expensive).

@vfrmedia @alana Companies go bankrupt all the time while CEOs walk away with millions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@tibius @alana I feel this every time I visit that horrid place. It feels like a fucking circus.

At least LA is *real* and horrible. SF doesn't even feel real. And it's spreading too. San Jose feels that way too nowadays.

@popefucker @alana It was fine when when bullshit was confined to the Marina. Now the Marina is San Francisco. You can’t afford to live in the Sunset or in Bernal Heights unless you can afford $2k rent now. I saw a shack, a literal shack in Bernal, sell for $1 Million.

Folks in Portland are like o noes Portland is the new San Francisco but my peeps, you have no idea...

@tibius i heard the most surreal news in a bit yesterday. a group of people with no homes were being “moved” by cops from the corner their belongings were on, to a different corner a few blocks away. technically within walking distance, but not if you’re carrying a lot of stuff. so their belongings are getting left behind and destroyed.

the corner they’re moving to? that’s where they were moved before. the corner they’re being moved from? that’s where they were before that.

@alana But o noes the police state is coming when boojee kids get a fine for vaping.

The police state is here and has been for the poor.


Yeah, I've been deeply touched for awhile how often I've mentioned to exec.-aspiring "feminists" online that there's tons of women helping them run their lives who they never think about at all... only to be met w/silence. Plus, almost every female boss I've ever had has been shit.

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