my favorite secure note-taking app and evernote replacement, standard notes, has introduced an option for ppl who can’t afford it

“…we realize that excluding those who can't currently afford the price we deem sustainable can lead to a sort of "efficiency impoverishment" cycle, where those without the financial means to acquire best-in-class tools are locked in a place where they can't produce best-in-class work.”

everyone has a right to privacy 🖤

note: self-hosted and free-tier standard notes have both always been free options; this just encompasses the features that you used to only get if you had a paid account

@xj9 yeah ): plus the paid extensions add a lot of features; afaik they aren’t part of the self hosting option (? i might be wrong on this one)


Also there's Graphite Docs, which is lik Google Docs but encrypted and blockchain-secured.


If you have Blockstack you can use both NoteRiot and Graphite Docs.

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