dragging the fediverse kicking and screaming to the realization that "hipsters" aren't real

@alana @wintgenstein
the second quote on the back points to "yes, hipsters are real and they suck"

@wintgenstein i have a sick weakness for very foolish books like this tbh i should form a library of arcane and useless reference materials

@wintgenstein i forgot about “Look at that old witch!” and now i’m weeping with laughter

@wintgenstein sincerely wishing “old witch” aesthetic had been the thing at the time, making the person react with pride

@alana @wintgenstein i read an excerpt from this, seems like a good read!

@Ttle @wintgenstein it’s fun in a very “wow look at y’all go!” sort of way (to me!)

@alana i remember in the excerpt that it said that a lot of "hipster bands" were named after animals and nature and I was like "damn! I guess so!"

@Ttle animal collective really put a cherry on top tbh, who could top that? no one

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