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Do you ever think about how ironic it is that the existential threat of AI has been realized by a bunch of dickheads that wanted computer games with better graphics? It turns out massively parallel vector processing is good for two things: entertaining nerds and murdering dissidents. I’m high


Anti-vax bullshit is white nationalist entryism ✌️

Bumper sticker idea:

Keep honking
I’m cumming

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we've never seen existential dread levels like this

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

It’s really weird that the UK has become the USA but with a short delay. Is this the speed of bad ideas?

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I think some people may not know that Google does Man In The Middle shit by default in mobile Chrome? They basically download everything to their servers and then send "optimized" to the client. SSL? HTTPS? Forget it.

There was an opt-out header which website owner could set but they're removing it.

This company doesn't know what privacy is. Or security.


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Package managers may be bad, but at least there’s plenty to choose from

I don’t know what Loraine did to Missy but we got one of the most devastating diss tracks of all time

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“Do I wanna be sexy Chain Chomp or do I just wanna be chained to something?”

If someone is shooting at you, throwing your own gun away isn’t usually great strategy.

This is so dated, it should be “The Battle Royale of Fucking”

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